Treat the Cause of Your Sick Hospital

Treat the Cause of Your Sick Hospital

Treat the cause

When a person says they are sick, doctors immediately ask what the symptoms are to assess the situation. Doctors need to be careful analyzing the pain since they know that sometimes the pain or discomfort is only a symptom and may not be the overall cause.

My mother-in-law had severe back pain that after months of MRI’s, muscle relaxants and chiropractors was eventually traced to a bad tooth. Her failure to treat the bad tooth led to an infection in her lower back. A friend of mine had chronic back pain since the age of 16 that would not go away regardless of the back treatments he tried. Finally, at the age of 41, a specialist determined that the pain was caused by a malformation in his hip socket. It has been corrected and the pain is gone.

This process of analyzing the symptoms and finding the root cause of the problem, then treating the problem, holds true in analyzing struggling health care facilities.

The symptoms of low or no profitability, of missing the forecasted numbers, of declining revenues, of sky rocketing costs may be signs of many different root cause problems. NewLight Health Care understands that each facility has a unique set of symptoms and ultimate causes. Turning around a health care organization cannot happen with snap judgements and ill-informed reactionary decision making. That’s why we send a knowledgeable team of experts to assess the situation and diagnose the true cause of difficulty.

When we are brought in by a “sick” facility in need of help we recognize that careful assessment and diagnosis is paramount to getting well. Bringing in outside experts can help your health care facility or hospital return to a healthier, growing organization. NewLight Healthcare has this ability and we have proven success in helping organizations improve. We will work with your existing executive team or place an on-site management team that is approved by your Board.

NewLight Healthcare has structured a team of experts that can lead transformation and assist with the numerous challenges facing healthcare organizations. We don’t criticize, degrade or complain. We diagnose, find and fix the root cause of the pain.

To see how NewLight recently used its expertise to treat the cause of a sick rural hospital, view our latest case study.