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Medical Services

It’s About Services, Services, Services

There is an old adage in the retail business, “It’s about Location, Location, Location”. The point is simple. To succeed in retail, you store has to be in a good location for your customers. For rural hospitals, it’s about Services, Services, Services. The point is just as simple. In order to sustain long-term growth and…
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People – Prosperity through Growth

The Problem is Not ALWAYS the People

When an organization is in trouble and a turnaround firm comes in to “fix” things the fear is that their fix will be to fire a bunch of people and decrease salaries. NewLight Healthcare knows that’s not always the case. The knee jerk reaction should not be to let go of people and cut positions.…
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Preventative Care concept

Preventative Action can avoid the Emergency

No one likes an emergency. We all like time to think through and fix problems without the pressure of time running out. That often requires preventative action. Most medical emergencies can be avoided in a physical health situation with the set up and following of a preventative care regimen, with the exception of “acts of…
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Unique People – Medical Staff

Unique People need Unique Help

It takes a special type of person to work in the healthcare field. A strong dedication to the well-being of the patient is necessary to anyone working in the health care professions. There is no room for laziness or selfishness. Health care institutions have a special culture that requires constant energy and often personal sacrifice…
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Extra Set of Hands and Eyes

Extra Set of Hands and Eyes can get you There

Every business struggles. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. NewLight Healthcare knows that hospitals and other health care facilities are no different. It doesn’t help that you have the added pressure of JCAHO and HIPAA regulations and other of the latest and newest requirements health care providers face when all you really…
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