Tag: Turnaround through Growth

Best Practices for Rural Healthcare Facilities

Rural Hospital – Best Practices for Growing Revenue

“Sixty-one rural hospitals have closed; 283 more are on the brink of closure. Since January 2013, more rural hospitals have closed than in the previous 10 years combined … It’s clear continued cuts in hospital payments have taken their toll, forcing closures and leaving many of our nation’s most vulnerable populations without timely access to…
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People – Prosperity through Growth

The Problem is Not ALWAYS the People

When an organization is in trouble and a turnaround firm comes in to “fix” things the fear is that their fix will be to fire a bunch of people and decrease salaries. NewLight Healthcare knows that’s not always the case. The knee jerk reaction should not be to let go of people and cut positions.…
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Hospital Funding Cuts ≠ Prosperity

Hospitals Don’t Cut Their Way to Prosperity

When revenue starts to fall in a business we have a tendency to try to cut costs in an attempt to get things back on track. We assume there is fat in our staffing or that our trials and tribulations are due to some over bearing vendor taking advantage of us. Perhaps our utility costs…
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