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Trusted Brand — Image Matters

Rural Hospitals are a Brand and Image Matters

Community support is important for rural hospitals. To maintain long-term profitability and keep patient volumes up, it is important that community believes in the hospital and trusts its quality of care. The main point here is that perception matters; and in the minds of consumers and patients, perception becomes reality. As a result, it is…
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Fresh coat of paint

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Go a Long Way

In the restaurant industry, they say, “you eat with your eyes.” When a meal is beautifully presented on a dish, customers believe it will taste better than a meal that is just flung on a plate. This is why plating is a critical element in every cooking competition. What people see matters. The same holds…
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Medical Staff Have Keys to Success

Rural hospital administrators are similar to founders and owners of entrepreneurial companies. They are responsible for overseeing almost every aspect of the business from operations to finance to marketing to staff management. As a result, hospital administrators spend much of their day putting out fires and organizing their staff. This often creates the situation where…
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Cimarron Memorial Hospital Receives Award for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

October 02, 2015, Cimarron Memorial Hospital, a NewLight Healthcare Managed Hospital, was recognized as a national leader in patient satisfaction, winning a 2015 Critical Access Hospital Award from the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). This is a significant achievement for Cimarron Memorial Hospital. Struggling to maintain profitability and on the verge of bankruptcy in early…
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