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Kick the tires

Kick the Tires of Your Hospital

Most people take their cars to a mechanic on a regular basis for routine maintenance and preventative checkups. The oil gets changed, fluid added where needed and filters get changed. The mechanic will then walk around and “kick the tires” so to speak. Hospitals and other health care facilities could use the same treatment. Bring…
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RMCHCS Under New Management Contract

Gallup, New Mexico—Employees at Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS) had several opportunities to hear from their Chief Executive Officer, David Conejo, and Chief Operating Officer, William Kiefer, BSN, MBA on plans to help stabilize the organization. The two leaders took over on Friday, August 29, following the RMCHCS Board of Trustees’ decision to…
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NewLight Healthcare Named Organization to Watch In 2013

NewLight Healthcare has been selected to the list of 100 Health Care Organizations to watch in 2013 by MHAPrograms.org.  The full article can be viewed here:  www.mhaprograms.org/organizations-to-watch.html Followers of health care trends and news, especially in the education sector, are aware that the medical industry is going through some tough transitions to accommodate a growing…
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