Ray Mason receives award for his dedication and passion in healthcare

Austin, TX (August 1, 2012)  Ray Mason, Hospital CEO for NewLight Healthcare, was awarded and acknowledged for his dedication to the hospitals and healthcare industry in Texas during his many years of service. This award was presented at the 2012 Northwest Texas Hospital Association convention by the Board of Directors in Lubbock, Texas on July 19, 2012.

Ray has 31 years’ experience in healthcare administration and also served as president of the Northwest Texas Hospital Association in 1992. Throughout his career, he has run small to medium-sized community hospitals and says he enjoys working with small hospitals the most. After he retired, NewLight Healthcare, a rural hospital management and consulting company based in Austin, Texas, recruited him to be a Hospital CEO for their rural hospitals. Ray represents the values of NewLight Healthcare and brings a positive energy that is essential to rural hospital transformations.


About NewLight Healthcare

NewLight Healthcare is a hospital management and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas focused on serving the unique needs of rural and small community hospitals. NewLight offers a vast array of consulting services designed to improve the health of your hospital such as; financial services, online financial benchmarking tool, cultural transformation, marketing services, and more. Our professional team has extensive experience and is inspired to ensure the long term success of your hospital.