No one likes an emergency. We all like time to think through and fix problems without the pressure of time running out. That often requires preventative action.

Most medical emergencies can be avoided in a physical health situation with the set up and following of a preventative care regimen, with the exception of “acts of god” that cannot be avoided. Regular trips to your family doctor can help identify the warning signs of an impending medical emergency and often lead to a treatment protocol that averts the emergency.

Most business emergencies can be avoided with the proper attention given to preventative care and regular “treatment”. NewLight Healthcare is capable of handling your healthcare organization’s business emergency. However, fixing the patient (the facility or hospital) is a lot easier and less expensive if we can get to them BEFORE the emergency occurs. The earlier the “detection” of a business issue, the easier it is to identify an effective and affordable solution. And, the better the chances are of a full recovery.

Your chances of averting a business disaster get better the sooner you bring in NewLight Healthcare. We understand that healthcare organizations live in a challenging environment, demanding sophisticated, experienced, guidance and support. But that does not mean life-long care is needed. Our team of turn around experts can:

  • Create a values driven organization with a clear vision, mission and core values.
  • Retain a leadership team that embodies the values of your organization.
  • Instill accountability throughout the organization with key operational benchmarks and financial reporting.
  • Promote performance improvement through financial, operational and strategic consulting services provided by top industry consultants.
  • Provide advisory services to the Hospital Board and present best in class benchmark comparisons to peer hospitals.

NewLight is passionate about providing the necessary tools and services for your healthcare organization to flourish. We will work with your board of Directors to select a set of Key Performance Metrics and create a plan for reaching the metrics. Just as a physician monitors a patient, the plan and schedule will be monitored on a monthly basis. We are determined to get healthcare organizations into a healthy, self-sustainable state, and we have the resources and expertise to keep your healthcare organization healthy.

To find out what sort of preventative action NewLight can take to help your facility take to avoid problems, contact us. Or you can read our latest case study on how we helped a failing rural health facility recover.