A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Go a Long Way

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Go a Long Way

Fresh coat of paint

In the restaurant industry, they say, “you eat with your eyes.” When a meal is beautifully presented on a dish, customers believe it will taste better than a meal that is just flung on a plate. This is why plating is a critical element in every cooking competition.

What people see matters.

The same holds true for hospitals. Even if a hospital provides exceptional service, is clean, and has skilled doctors, patients and their families won’t perceive the value if the walls are dinged up, the waiting room furniture is old and wobbly, and the décor is circa 1980.

How things look impact perception of quality.

When faced with declining patient volumes and declining community support, enhancing your hospitals facilities is a quick, easy, and typically an affordable way to revitalize your hospitals perception within the community and increase patient volumes. Combine the facility updates with press releases and public services announcements to expand awareness even further.

In a relatively short period of time, you can transform your hospital’s image to reflect the quality of care and service you already provide but not everyone is able to see because the out-of-date facilities are in the way.

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