Football team trying to Play Rugby

Football team trying to Play Rugby

Rugby Scrum

Can you imagine what would happen if a championship football team were to play a star rugby team in a rugby match? Some of the tasks are the same so they should be able to dominate and win right?

American Football is a complicated game. It requires good team work to win. But just because a football team works well together doesn’t mean they will win at EVERYTHING. If their expertise does not fit the challenge or their skills don’t quite apply to the situation, they will most likely lose.

So assembling a team that works well together and are experts is good, but making sure they are experts in the challenge at hand is a crucial step to success.

NewLight Healthcare has the ability and structured teams that are skilled at helping your healthcare organization improve. We will work with your existing executive team or place an on-site management team that is approved by your Board.

Are we skilled and knowledgeable about healthcare? Just ask Bryan Key, Board President of Throckmorton County Memorial Hospital,

“It has been a pleasure working with the NewLight Healthcare team. Their expertise in managing critical access hospitals is very apparent. The new programs and revenue sources are having a tremendous positive effect on the financial stability of Throckmorton County Memorial Hospital.”

Don’t call in the football team to play rugby.

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