delivering solutions that enable healthcare communities to thrive

Hospital Turnaround

We specialize in helping distressed hospitals by growing revenue, improving processes and transforming the culture to create sustainability.

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Nursing Home Management

We manage and provide oversight for public nursing homes, optimizing reimbursement and improving quality.

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Professional Services

NewLight’s executive team has extensive experience in the management of healthcare facilities, leveraging a broad network and diverse range of abilities.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our team brings a tremendous track record to RCM, and can bring rapid stability to your financials while preserving what matters most to your facility.

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NewLight Healthcare

Delivering solutions that enable healthcare communities to thrive

NewLight Healthcare is a healthcare management and professional services company based in Austin, Texas. We have an established record of success with both hospitals and nursing homes. Contact us today to discuss how we can help >

Our Approach Our fundamental philosophy at NewLight Healthcare is based around the belief that a hospital cannot return to prosperity by cutting costs. We know and have proven time and time again that prosperity is achieved by focusing on growth. As a result, our approach is based upon growth and begins by analyzing and understanding the root causes that hold a hospital back and limits its ability to prosper. Once that analysis is complete, we develop a tailored plan that address each driver of profitability. Our Areas of Focus • Revenue Cycle Management • Staffing Alignment • Facility Improvement • Service Optimization

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